Didgeroo builds clean, cost-efficient websites that are easy to maintain.

Film, television and music production houses require sophisticated computer systems to drive their business and remain at the cutting edge of creativity. Traditionally I.T. providers simply don't understand the way creative companies work.  Didgeroo does.

Together, well will help you to Embrace New Media.

Didgeroo was founded in London in 2008 by 33 year old Australian, Chris Skitch, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Apple evangelist and all round geek with a long history in IT as both a freelancer and working for various corporations, most recently 7 years at Royal Dutch Shell in their UK head-office. Back in 1993, Chris supplied and installed a small office network for deBase Productions - a small theatre company in Brisbane, Australia. It was at this time that Chris started to realise that one day the Arts and IT would be dependant upon each other. In early 2008, Chris felt it was time to build a new IT company. Paying homage to his Aussie heritage, and wanting to promote all things Digital, Didgeroo was born. The name captures the iconic Kangaroo, not only in spirit, but also in its desire to always bound forward. The future is bright for Didgeroo as we look forward to helping you to Embrace New Media.